Anangu Mining

Anangu Mining Pty Ltd is a fully licensed labour-hire company owned and managed by AMYAC through its subsidiary AMY Nominees. 

Anangu Mining works with OZ Minerals and contractors at Prominent Hill and develops business partnerships to expand its operations throughout South Australia in areas including mining, construction, hospitality, pastoralism, land management and all associated industries. 

Anangu Mining is presently engaged in a partnership with Thiess Pty Ltd to provide labour hire services for the Run of Mine (ROM) activities at the Prominent Hill Mine site. It prioritises employment for AMY members who have the required skill set but welcomes the opportunity to provide prospective employees, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, from its extensive candidate portfolio of job seekers residing across the Far North and the remainder of the state who can meet the workforce demands required. 

Anangu Mining is committed to developing sustainable employment opportunities for all clients. In its aim to expand its client base Anangu Mining commits to providing a professional and competitive labour hire service.


Anangu Mining recognises the unique cultural and family needs of many Aboriginal recruits and the additional support which may be required to ensure demands of their employment are maintained. 

Anangu Mining maintains a keen focus to ensure training and development opportunities are provided to support participants in reaching their aspirations.


Anangu Mining will seek out employees who meet the workforce demands and support their completion and compliance to current employment standards, including, but not limited to: 

  • National Police checks
  • Medical assessments and Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Drug and alcohol testing 
  • Provision of Protective Clothing and equipment if required
  • Reference checks
  • Relevant training and licensing (if relevant and required)

Supportive labour hire arrangements can be negotiated for an introductory period prior to the recruit being transferred to full time employment. Alternatively, individuals and teams can be engaged for Projects with a set timeframe.


Anangu Mining can provide staff to any company and cover all statutory employment costs including; wages, payroll tax, superannuation, workers compensation or “Return to Work” levy, personal protective equipment (PPE).  All staff will be monitored for satisfactory performance and conduct with a coordinated approach with each host employer’s representatives.

The ALEPO regularly visits project participants and their families and is available to discuss issues or concerns which may be encountered with recruits and their managers.

All Anangu Mining staff are fully supported with their work endeavours, relevant training, family and cultural issues by a qualified Human Resources Manager and a dedicated Aboriginal Liaison and Employment Officer, who will work with individuals, small groups and employer teams to assist in fully integrating cross-cultural work groups.  Anangu Mining find that this caring and integrated approach will allow for better employee understanding of work requirements from the host employer AND a better understanding of Aboriginal cultural and family demands by supervisors and managers.