AMY Environmental Services

A.M.Y. Environmental Services Pty Ltd (AMYES) was formed to provide a range of services to the mining and resource sector. AMYES currently holds a contract with OZ Minerals for provision of a full range of integrated Waste Management Services at Prominent Hill mine site.  “Waste Management” on a mine site, incorporates managing a landfill site and operating a Resource Recovery Centre for the purposes of recycling.

A.M.Y. Environmental Services Pty Ltd began operations at Prominent Hill on September 18th, 2015 operating 12 hours per day 365 days per year.

AMYES currently has 4 full-time employees (2 casual relief operators and commitment to train an “entry – level” AMY Member annually).

AMYES owns plant and equipment including a DAF Hook Truck, John Deere Loader, Hitachi Loader, Cat Excavator, Toyota Hilux light vehicles, all-terrain forklift and ancillary support plant.

AMYES - Site Statistics

In the calendar year ending December 2019, AMYES set a record for waste steel recycled and sent off site from Prominent Hill. Waste statistics for the 12 months include the following:

0 Tonnes
General Waste
0 Tonnes
Village Waste
0 Tonnes
Timber Waste
0 IBC's
Glass Waste
0 Bales
Cardboard, Cans & Plastics
0 Tonnes
Scrap Steel
0 Litres
Oil & Grease Waste
0 Units

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