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COVID-19 Response and Support

How has OZ Minerals and AMYAC responded to the COVID 19 Crisis and updates

AMYES /Anangu Mining

What is happening in these AMY Nominees businesses? Job Opportunities?

OZ Minerals/ AMY People

Tjunguringanyi Steering Committee

Wai Nyuntu Palya?

Meet some of the new AMY Nominees staff

Some Local Heroes

Wulla Designs in Port Augusta


Newsletter Vol 3. | August | 2020

Water in Wattiwarriganna Creek Near Prominent Hill Mine after January rain event


AMY Nominees and OZ Minerals

It is with pleasure that we present the third Tjunguringanyi Newsletter; a joint effort between the Antakirinja Matu-Yankunytjatjara people and OZ Minerals. So far this year has been a challenging one to say the least, COVID-19 has rapidly changed our lives and the way we work and we have had to be equally quick to respond to ensure our health and safety and continue the important work in our organisations.

We also had lots of rain out at Prominent Hill in January, over a 100mm in one night! While it briefly made our work environment a little more difficult to manage, it has also created some fantastic growth of vegetation around the area which is great for the country!

It is great to see the continuing strides in our relationship in the past six months, particularly under testing times with COVID-19 constraints to the way we operate. Our ability to maintain our operation at this time is a credit to all those who work at Prominent Hill and AMY-ES and Anangu Mining has helped this to be possible through their support of our controls and measures at the site level.

It is a credit to the AMY group more broadly, that we were able to continue our Tjunguringanyi committee most recently in a half remote and half in-person capacity. It was great to see everyone and to get that sense of things trending back to normal.

There are more exciting things on the horizon for the OZ Minerals and for AMY in the next half of this year and while we look forward to things ahead, we must stay focused on our hygiene standards and follow our health guidelines in our state and communities to protect ourselves and loved ones.

Ian Crombie – Chairperson AMY Nominees

David Brown – Chairperson AMY Aboriginal Corporation

Gabrielle Iwanow – General Manager OZ Minerals Prominent Hill

COVID 19 Response and Support

Prominent Hill

How has OZ Minerals and AMYAC responded to the COVID 19 Crisis?

The challenges faced by COVID-19 have been unprecedented for us all. We all have had to make significant changes to the way we work, communicate, and collaborate to protect ourselves, our families, our communities, and the organisations we represent.

OZ Minerals and AMYAC have continued a frequent dialogue in acknowledgement of facing these challenges both as individual organisations and as a collective with respect to the Prominent Hill operation. OZ Minerals has operated under the guidance of SA Health and Communicable Disease Control Branch (CDCB) to ensure best practices have been upheld.

Pleasingly to date, there have been no cases of COVID-19 present at the Prominent Hill operation, nor have there been any cases that have transferred to the key communities of Port Augusta and Coober Pedy.

This is due to our organisations taking very strict measures to protect the health and safety of our people, our workgroups, and our broader organisations. Some of the key controls/supports that have been in place at Prominent Hill since March have been:

• Increases to hygiene and social distancing measures at site

• Temperature checks prior to departure to site and prior to return to home

• Site employees working from home wherever possible

• Community engagements temporarily limited to protect remote and Indigenous communities in our region

• A specific and evolving self-isolation and testing program for exempted interstate travellers, under guidance from government authorities

• Additional Employee Assistance Program (EAP) support for all staff working on and off site and specific COVID 19 leave provision to acknowledge rapidly changing family circumstances

• A yarning circle platform at site and remote to specifically engage and support Indigenous staff working at site and remotely

• Online webinars and live streaming events to keep staff connected

While acknowledging that the ongoing changes in Australia and the world more broadly have been unsettling for us all, it is a credit to us all to have at present maintained our operation and the health and safety of people and communities that support it throughout this period of time.

OZ Minerals and Byrnecut Australia

Contract for Underground Mining Services Renewal at Prominent Hill

OZ Minerals announced in July that it has signed a new five-year agreement with specialist underground mining contractor, Byrnecut Australia, to provide underground mining services at the Prominent Hill mine. Byrnecut has been providing underground mining services at Prominent Hill for the past 10 years.

There have been early discussions in this renewal of partnership with Byrnecut for what opportunities there could be for AMY Nominees and AMY people more generally. We are looking forward to exploring these opportunities further together and will be monitoring progress in the Tjunguringanyi Steering Committee.

OZ Minerals / AMY People Tjunguringanyi Steering Committee #5

“Tjunguringanyi” steering committee. “Tjunguringanyi” or “Working together” steering committee is an expression of a ‘shared value, mutual obligation’ approach between OZ Minerals and AMY People summarised by the shared vision and values listed below.

Shared Vision:

We commit to honour our arrangement and move forward together by: practicing cultural understanding and safety, building trust, having fair and quality relationships, respecting each other, being transparent, being ambassadors for each other, communicating openly, holding each other to account, understanding each other, ensuring mutual obligation, treating each other as equals, respecting country.

Shared Values:

• Listening to each other – ‘Kulini’

• Reciprocity – ‘Ngarpartji Ngarpartji’

• Sustainability – ‘Kunpun’ (Strong)

The Committee is dedicated to acting on the following parts of the OZ Minerals and AMY relationship:

How We Work Together: This is to ensure that the relationship remains strong between OZ Minerals and AMY

NTMA: This is to ensure that the rules and obligations of the mining agreement are being met.

Business Development: To review the AMY Nominees businesses at Prominent Hill and to discuss potential opportunities to develop new business arrangements.

Employment and Training: To review numbers of AMY people employed at Prom Hill, discuss employment and training opportunities and discuss ways to improve working life for Indigenous people at Prom Hill

Culture and Heritage: Review Indigenous mentoring, cultural heritage inspections and broader Indigenous matters.

See the attached minutes on the following pages.

Wai Nyuntu Palya?

Welcome some new Indigenous team members to Prominent Hill

Carlin Stutley- Anangu Mining ROM

Just prior to COVID restrictions, Carlin Stutley began on the ROM as a trainee. The virus restriction did delay his training, but he has come out the other side creating a fantastic impression. Carlin has recently passed his competency tests and is a full time member of the ROM crew.

Kandeana Steele- AMY Nominees

Cleaning/ ROM

Kandeana has started at Prominent Hill as a cleaner for AMY Nominees, servicing the Anangu Mining and Thiess areas as well as the offices and areas of AMY Environmental Services.

She has made a great impression so far and has begun some training for dump truck driving on the ROM. Looking forward to tracking this great progress.

For Employment Opportunities and to discuss training contact Mark Bradley 0407 448 807

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Some local heroes!

Congratulations to Leah Brown, Jasmine Brown and Candy Taylor, Propietors of Wulla Designs for the recognition on the ABC news website for their painted mural on the pipeline at Port Augusta. This was a great news story at a time when everyone needed their spirits lifted!

They have through this media exposure, been offered to participate in the London Pacific Fashion Show in 2021 – this is exciting news for these great artists! OZ Minerals has pledged support to their designing efforts that they are working on right now and can’t wait to see the results of their hard work.

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TSC Minutes Page 1 Prominent Hill Tjunguringanyi ‘Coming Together’ Steering Committee No.5

Tuesday 7 July 2020

Port Augusta

Meeting Start: 11.30

Meeting Finish: 13.10

David Brown
AMYAC- Chairperson (AMY TSC Rep)
Ian Crombie
AMY Nominees- Chairperson (AMY TSC Rep)
Geoff Deans
Group Manager, Social Performance
Gabrielle Iwanow
OZPH- General Manager (AMY TSC Rep)
Wayne Fong
Manager People and Safety
Rob Gibb
AMY Nominees – Business Development Consultant
Chris Warrior
Community Relations Officer
Bill Ryan
AMY Nominees – General Manager (AMY TSC Rep)
Tammy Warren
AMYAC- Board Member (AMY TSC Rep)
Sam Hedditch
OZPH- Senior Community Relations Advisor (OZM TSC Rep)
Jason Camery
OZPH – Manager Commercial (OZM TSC Rep)
Tamsin Gane
OZPH – Superintendent Contracts
Mark Bradley
AMY Nominees HR & Ops Manager (AMY TSC Rep)
Anthony Russell
AMYAC Board Member (AMY TSC Rep)
Jane Khan
AMYAC Board Member
Maisie Winton
AMY Nominees
Michael Pagsanjan
AMYAC Legal Counsel
Yellow Highlight = remote attendee
Kerrina Chadwick
Corporate Affairs
Russell Hodges
OZPH Community and Environment Superintendent
1. Prominent Hill Tjunguringanyi ‘Coming Together’ Steering Committee – Number 4

Welcome from David Brown to country and the meeting.

Chair – David passed the Chair over to Geoff Deans Sam Hedditch advise the group that the minute taking would be extracted from a video record.

1. Introduction/Welcome/Apologies
1.1 Representatives and Roles (including Minutes and Meeting Chairperson) – see above
1.2 Opening Remarks – Gabrielle Iwanow (OZMPH); AMYAC
1.3 Overview of Prominent Hill

Introduction of all people present; their roles and their titles.

Opening remarks – Gabrielle Iwanow gave an overview of Prominent Hill:

Michael Pagsanjan Gave an overview of AMYAC:

Shared vision:

We commit to honour our arrangement and move forward together by –

• Practicing cultural understanding and safety, building trust, having fair and quality relationships, respecting each other, being transparent, being ambassadors for each other, communicating openly, holding each other to account, understanding each other, ensuring mutual obligation, treating each other as equals, respecting country.

Shared Values:

• Listening to each other – ‘Kulini;

• Reciprocity – ‘Ngarpartji Ngarpartji’

• Sustainability – ‘Kunpun’.

GD expressed that the above shared vision was really powerful and that it was important to take this vision into these meetings and that it was everyone’s responsibility to uphold this vision in this forum and that this was important to acknowledge this vision when the NTMA is getting reviewed.

GI expressed her interest in AMY point of view as to whether OZM PH is living up to this shared vision

IC– mentioned that he felt it was a reference statement to how we work together on all OZMPH and AMY matters, including NTMA.

2.Standing Action List / How We Work Together – Traffic Light Summary

SH spoke to each item on the standing action list

Art and culture committee and Strategic Plan from AMYAC; these were explained to be connected because a decision on an Art and Culture Committee cannot be resolved until AMYAC have concluded their strategic planning work which is their priority The timeframe would have to be pushed out

AMY Nominees, CEG – CEG are still positioned to assist AMYAC with regards to training

AMY/ MoU Sodexo/AMYES– For update from Business Development slide

How We Work Together – Traffic Light Summary

GI spoke about the performance of AMY businesses during the COVID19 restrictions in implementing safety and controls and acknowledged the challenges from these things

Hill 2 Hill Fibre Optic Project has been completed

• Acknowledgement of Leah and Jasmine Brown and their engagement to the London Fashion Show

• Acknowledging the challenges of the economy for developing the new business and also the need for an art and culture committee as well to enable village art improvements etc…

• That is was important to continue the Tjunguringanyi and other partnering opportunities in the NTMA as that review process goes forward

DB– asked about sponsorship for Leah and Jasmine’s work to go to London. SH responded that it was currently being reviewed.

IC – explained that there needed to be a sign off for the Hill 2 Hill SH explained that a field day would need to had to inspect the area and GI mentioned that Sep/Oct would be a better time to plan for this

IC was also asking about the ALEPO position not being present at the site and that there were not any people available at site to support them> the roster was the biggest impact and that this information would inform the mental health strategy going forward. GI mentioned all the strategies currently in place at the site and that was how things were progressing without an ALEPO.

DB asked about whether a payment would be made to AMY Nominees instead for the ALEPO this year and not AMYAC.

SH mentioned that OZM has been instructed by AMYAC to make the payment to AMYAC and that they would continue to take this instruction and that a formal acknowledgment of this payment in the NTMA review and how this would be done would be very important to protect it in future.

WF mentioned the additional support that has been offered to all staff during this time of COVID19 as well a specific ‘Yarning Circle’ set up for Indigenous Staff.


MP mentioned the next steps to understanding the NTMA review process are very important. He mentioned that there are currently occurring that are not being captured in the current NTMA and they need to be resolved this year

GD mentioned that locking in those was priority and looking at the budget needs for a more substantive review could also be put in place

SH mentioned that the Scholarship Trust Committee met twice in quick succession to acknowledge the need to support school students under struggles with COVID19 in terms of needing laptops and other items and that this was a good outcome

4. Employment and Training Review

SH spoke of the improvement in a communications forum between AMY Nominees and OZM to be able to provide support to AMY for upcoming roles as well as operational matters. GD mentioned that every role that occurs on site should go to AMY Nominees to review if they can get involved.

SH updated the apprenticeship intake

AR asked about the adult apprenticeship option

SH mentioned that there are always opportunities for adult workers at the site when opportunities arise

GI gave some feedback as to the current recruitment that has occurred in last 2-3 months (COVID)

MB mentioned that he has not had any visibility on any roles for recruitment on this at all

GI mentioned to WF to put this in as an action for going forward

SH mentioned the training program that had been developed with the school and the fact it would have to be delayed for a period due to COVID. He also mentioned that the look of training was changing rapidly and that online and virtual would be more of a component to follow on with in future. He also mentioned that Prominent Hill had hosted a virtual tour with students from the Coober Pedy Area School and that this was likely to continue in the future.

GI mentioned that there would not be large volumes of roles in terms of growth for roles and that it would be a holding of sorts. Also that it was important for AMY to make informed business growth opportunities that aren’t necessarily linked purely to mining to ensure their future success

5.Business Development

JC mentioned a joint phone call with Thiess and Paul Case (MLCS on behalf of AMY Nominees) about introductions to new contract representatives from Thiess and an improvement in the contract of a payment system. He also mentioned some discussion with Sodexo about the concept of a commercial laundry service in the region that could be run by AMY.

BR mentioned that there have being some valuable discussion with Thiess about how to fill the labour hire quota on the ROM and getting some backup staff support- how to avoid vacancies in the future. Also discussion with Sodexo in regards to future labour hire opportunities- which are still progressing as well as laundry service review. He also mentioned that the underground mining services participation have being positive and that they were looking forward to have a seat at the table and how to make this possible in future.

GI mentioned that the Underground Mining Services contract is now signed off and that operationalising of this would occur now and that a meeting on Friday 10 July with Michael Veale (Underground Mining Contract Owner) would flesh out more opportunities for AMY in the meeting

6. Cultural Heritage Review

SH mentioned that Tina Law had completed the Q2 inspections at the site and that the Fibre optic project would await a suitable time to engage AMY to perform the final inspection of the area. He also mentioned the importance of improvements to the site boundary markers particularly with the case of WA Cultural Heritage disturbance and how important this would be to maintain ongoing protection.

IC asked about the signage improvements at site and SH mentioned that there would be improvements made and that they could be scoped by the AMYAC monitors when the Hill 2 Hill project inspection occurs in 2020

MW asked about Cross Cultural Training and whether this could occur in Nov/Dec- GI gave the update that all the leadership teams had been asked to ensure they were compliant and that feedback on when this could occur and if this could occur would be provided in due course.

GI also gave some feedback about the CCA course and that a senior staff member at OZM had spoken with her about how important that experience was for them as an individual and whether that person could attend the next steering committee in November to share some of their thoughts and views and was eager to participate in more support to this in future.

Indigenous Mentoring – Q2 2020

CW displayed some data from mentoring and the types of concerns that have being raised during the COVID19 crisis and explained in detail the way that OZM have responded in regards to the Yarning Circle as well as protecting vulnerable people on site and restricting access to areas near or in remote communities

He also spoke in detail about how and why the Yarning Circle was set up and how this would progress in the week/months ahead to continue to support the Indigenous staff at Prominent Hill.

Any other Business

SH mentioned that the minutes would be recorded from a video link and that would then later be deleted- he then mentioned that the minutes would also summarise the OZM and AMYAC overviews in a very general way so as not to make public the intricate information of each organisation.

Also, that people should expect an update on the AMY Newsletter in the coming weeks ahead.

Next meeting

12 November 2020

Venue: Prominent Hill ??? (to be confirmed)

Standing Action List
What action
Who responsible
Estimated timeframe
To seek feedback about when the Strategic Plan will be completed for AMYAC
Michael Pagsanjan
1-2 Months
Look at the key additional activities between OZM and AMYAC and take to the Common Law Holders to discuss as an addendum to the existing agreement. Other question is whether it is relevant to discuss in this forum – for an operational steering committee to consider.
Geoff Deans
Michael Pagsanjan
Sam Hedditch
3-4 Months
AMY Nominees, OZM and CEG to get together and work on what is required in employment and training-needs to be an agreement on the process
Wayne Fong
Sam Hedditch
Bill Ryan
1-2 Months
Add the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to the list regarding labour hire.
Jason C
Bill Ryan
1-2 Months
OZM GM, AMYES to work with Jason C on this proposal to be sent to Jason for review by GM- will then look at what work requires carrying out.
Gabrielle I
Jason C
Bill R
1-2 Months
AMY receive every job advertisement on site from OZM
Sam Hedditch
1-2 Months
Completed Action List
What action
Who responsible
Gabrielle to ensure that the business update is looked at for public release – it will need to be cleared by OZ Managers prior to any release.
Gabrielle Iwanow
Update employment data to reflect all AMY Businesses
Sam Hedditch
OZM to work with AMY to design a newsletter promoting the TSC process
Sam Hedditch
Additional AMY Noms Rep for Steer Co.
For balance the addition of another AMY Rep for Steer co was proposed.
Sam Hedditch
Cultural Heritage and Mentoring Reports are to be produced in each TSC
Sam Hedditch
Investigate progress of BOAB
Michelle McAulley recruiting Indigenous youth,
Sam Hedditch
Review employment and training slides and find a way to better present data
Sam Hedditch
Amy Wilson
Review employment and training slides and find a way to better present data
Sam Hedditch
Amy Wilson
1-2 Months
To track the progress, opportunities and linkages of Clontarf to AMYAC and Traditional Owners
Sam Hedditch
Align processes in HR between OZM and AMY
Russell Hodges
Mark Bradley
To organise the next yarning circle and expand the invitation at site
Sam Hedditch
Amy Wilson

Confirmed as a true and correct record of the meeting.

Sam Hedditch

TSC Member 

Dated: 13.07.2020