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AEMEE Conference

AMY Nominees and OZ Finalists for collaboration award

AMY OZ Minerals and CEG

A new alliance to benefit AMY and local employment and training initiatives

OZ Minerals/ AMY People

Tjunguringanyi Steering Committee

Wai Nyuntu Palya?

Meet some of the new AMY Nominees staff, OZM AMY LOGO DESIGN, Indigenous Mentoring


Newsletter Vol 2. | October | 2019

Figure 1: AMY People, Consultants and OZ Minerals Staff who participated in the Tjunguringanyi Steering Committee #2 on August 1 L-R: Robert Crilly- Taylor, Anthony Russell, Wayne Fong, Jason Camery, Evanna Williams, Rob Gibb (Rear) David Brown, Gabrielle Iwanow, Mark Bradley, Ian Crombie, Bill Ryan, Sam Hedditch, Tammy Warren.


AMY Nominees and OZ Minerals

It is with pleasure that we present the second Tjunguringanyi Newsletter; a joint effort between the Antakirinja Matu-Yankunytjatjara people and OZ Minerals. There are lots of exciting things happening between AMY and OZ Minerals at Prominent Hill and all of them are truly worth celebration.

Some key highlights: include the AMYES continuing its successful trends in their contract performance, the contract establishment for Anangu Mining, some key promotions of long-term Indigenous team members to senior positions as well as new AMY and other Indigenous people joining our workforces.

You will read more about it within, though it is important to celebrate the success points in our relationship, knowing that we have had and will at times have challenges that we face together. This is the crucial part of Tjunguringanyi “Working Together” we are committed to our shared vision and how we work together is as important as what we achieve together.

No more is this proven by our nomination as a finalist for the Aboriginal Enterprise in Mining Energy and Exploration Awards for 2019.

Our nomination is in the category of collaboration; we should take pride in what this means for both organisations as we have set out on a journey together and the benefits of our collaboration are not just shared by our business enterprises, but amongst our people, communities and families.

Keep working together and stay safe.

Ian Crombie- Chairperson AMY Nominees

David Brown – Chairperson AMY Aboriginal Corporation

Gabrielle Iwanow – General Manager. OZ Minerals Prominent Hill

AEMEE Conference 4-6 September

AMY Nominees and OZ Minerals Award Finalists

On 4-6 September, AMY Nominees and OZ Minerals attended the annual Aboriginal Enterprise in Mining, Energy and Exploration (AEMEE) conference. AMY Nominees and OZ Minerals were nominated as finalists in the category of collaboration.

Unfortunately, we did not win the category, however the award demonstrates that AMY Nominees and OZ Minerals, through their Tjunguringanyi partnering, are steering towards more success in the future

The conference presented multiple Indigenous business success stories in the resources industry. Some of the factors of their successes include:

Partnership, partnering, joint ventures and investments in Indigenous enterprises

Starting small operations and then building capacity

Developing programs utilizing Indigenous connections to country to improve employability skills

Identifying key needs for resources companies and creating businesses to match those needs

Engaging the local communities and schools on traditional owner land with traditional owner participation

OZ Minerals and CEG

Contract for AMY Employment and Training Development

OZ Minerals Prominent Hill has signed a contract with Career Employment Group (CEG) to support Prominent Hill with capacity building for AMY Traditional Owners through:

Developing an upskilling process for AMY Nominees and Anangu Mining

Developing a pre-employment/work readiness program for AMY and other Indigenous to increase participation

A school engagement strategy focusing on school-based traineeships and apprenticeships

A core focus on AMY members to receive benefits

CEG is based in Whyalla and has experience working with Traditional Owner collaboration projects in SA including:

Employment and Training at Heathgate Mine with ATLA (Adnyamathanha)

Employment and Training for Indigenous staff at Bungala Solar Farm

CEG and OZM are visiting Coober Pedy to host a BBQ on 28 October with the community including:

Members of the AMY Traditional Owner Community

Members of the school community Students, parents and families interested in the project

Local businesses and council delegates.

OZ Minerals Prominent Hill and CEG are excited about the opportunities to develop employment and training initiatives for AMY people. CEG has experience in engaging Traditional Owner groups in the state to achieve fantastic employment and business development outcomes for the board and its members.

OZ Minerals / AMY People Tjunguringanyi Steering Committee #2

On 1 August OZ Minerals representatives and AMY representatives sat for the Inaugural “Tjunguringanyi” steering committee. “Tjunguringanyi” or “Working together” steering committee is an expression of a ‘shared value, mutual obligation’ approach between OZ Minerals and AMY People summarised by the shared vision and values listed below.

Shared Vision:

We commit to honour our arrangement and move forward together by: practicing cultural understanding and safety, building trust, having fair and quality relationships, respecting each other, being transparent, being ambassadors for each other, communicating openly, holding each other to account, understanding each other, ensuring mutual obligation, treating each other as equals, respecting country.

Shared Values:

• Listening to each other – ‘Kulini’

• Reciprocity – ‘Ngarpartji Ngarpartji’

• Sustainability – ‘Kunpun’ (Strong)

The Committee is dedicated to acting on the following parts of the OZ Minerals and AMY relationship:

How We Work Together: This is to ensure that the relationship remains strong between OZ Minerals and AMY

NTMA: This is to ensure that the rules and obligations of the mining agreement are being met.

Business Development: To review the AMY Nominees businesses at Prominent Hill and to discuss potential opportunities to develop new business arrangements.

Employment and Training: To review numbers of AMY people employed at Prom Hill, discuss employment and training opportunities and discuss ways to improve working life for Indigenous people at Prom Hill

Culture and Heritage: Review Indigenous mentoring, cultural heritage inspections and broader Indigenous matters.

See the attached minutes on the following pages.

Wai Nyuntu Palya?

Welcome some new Indigenous team members to Prominent Hill!

Above: Millar Sansbury -Were and Gabriella Miller attended site for a tour of the ROM, riding in a site Dump Truck and loader and staying the night in camp.
Bonnie Borrett- Anangu Mining- Metalliferous Laboratory.
Bonnie has begun work training up as a Laboratory assistant with OZ Minerals Processing Department. Bonnie is a Coober Pedy local and currently completing her year 12 studies at the same time as working!

Wai Nyuntu Palya?

Welcome some new Indigenous team members to Prominent Hill!

LEFT: Juanita Hopper commenced with Anangu Mining at the Processing Plant in June this year.
Juanita was keen from the start to progress onto an 8/6 roster as her partner also works a similar roster.

For Employment Opportunities and to discuss training contact Mark Bradley 0407 448 807

Or click the button to learn more! 

Anangu Mining Light Towers – New additions to the ROM contract with partners Thiess – Lighting Plant to light the way for Haul Truck Drivers and Other Plant Operators working through the night non The ROM.
Prominent Hill Tjunguringanyi ‘Coming Together’ Steering Committee #2

Prominent Hill Mine Site- Training Room #4

Meeting Start: 1010

Meeting Finish: 1330

David Brown
AMYAC- Chairperson (AMY TSC Rep)
Ian Crombie
AMY Nominees- Chairperson (AMY TSC Rep)
Gabrielle Iwanow
OZPH- General Manager (AMY TSC Rep)
Rob Gibb
AMY Nominees – Business Development Consultant
Bill Ryan
AMY Nominees – General Manager (AMY TSC Rep)
Wayne Fong
OZPH- Manager People and Safety (OZM TSC Rep)
Tammy Warren
AMYAC- Board Member (AMY TSC Rep)
Sam Hedditch
OZPH- Senior Community Relations Advisor (OZM TSC Rep)
Jason Camery
OZPH – Manager Commercial (OZM TSC Rep)
Chris Warrior
OZPH – Community Relations Officer (OZM TSC Rep)
Mark Bradley
AMY Nominees HR & Ops Manager (AMY TSC Rep)
Anthony Russell
AMYAC Board Member (AMY TSC Rep)
Robert Taylor
AMY Aboriginal Liaison Employment and Project Officer (AMY TSC Rep)
Shaylea Jansz
OZM- Administrator People and Safety (Minutes)
Evanna Williams
OZM- Administrator- Engineering (Minutes)
Jane Khan
AMY Board Member (AMY TSC Rep)
Kerrina Chadwick
Geoff Deans
OZM – Group Manager Social Performance
1. Prominent Hill Tjunguringanyi ‘Coming Together’ Steering Committee – Number 1


Chair – Sam Hedditch

Secretary – Shaylea Jansz and Evanna Williams (Minutes Taking)

1 Minute silence observed for those who have passed recently in Coober Pedy.

1. Prominent Hill Tjunguringanyi ‘Coming Together’ Steering Committee #1

SH: Explained the steering committee process and further explained the process of making each department manager and AMY representative accountable to key actions within the process.

DB: Provided a brief welcome to country and thanked everyone for attendance.

GI: Acknowledged the success of the health check workshop earlier in the year and encouraged success in the steering committee.

SH: Discussed if there was anything else at the introduction people would like to raise? (Group Declined)

Note: TSC Membership Clarification

• The list of key personnel required and agreed upon from both organisations was illustrated and discussed.

Note: Next Steering Committee Meeting

• The next location for the steering committee meeting was determined to be Pt Augusta

2. Meeting Protocol

Reiteration of the 3 Key Values: listening to each other, reciprocity, sustainability 

3. How We Work Together Process Review
Top Three Successes

1 – 1st Edition of the newsletter was sent out in June- congratulations to all those who were involved- and eager for everyone to continue their contributions.

2 – Maisie Wintinna Winton received an award for NAIDOC Female Elder of the year- an excellent accolade and thoroughly deserved for a hard-working AMY Member.

3 – Aboriginal Enterprises in Mining, Energy and Exploration (AEMEE Award 2019)– AMY Nominees and OZM have been selected as a finalist for the AEMEE Collaboration in the resources sector award category at this year’s conference -5-6 September held in Darwin. Well done to Rob Gibb and Sam Hedditch, along with Bill Ryan who put together the submission earlier this year- this has been noted as an award that AMY Nominees and OZM have entered without success in previous years.

Top Three Threats

1 – Communication of the steering committee process to members: DB mentioned that he had not received the email with the information for this steering committee, it was resolved to send it to his daughter Leah Brown’s email as an action. It was further questions if the Newsletter and other key information reached as many members as it could have as the Logo competition had not received any entrants yet.

2 – Steering Committee Success: It was circulated around the room with contributions for all members as to whether the process is in fact working and worthwhile. SH mentioned that it is really important that both groups see the value in the process otherwise it could fall away quickly. The committee addressed this with discussion- overall the view is that things are going well and just need to keep following up on actions and producing good reliable information for the committee to act upon.

3 – Short Sightedness to Process: Great progress in these last two steer co. events but need to view further ahead to what success looks like in 5-10 years. OZM are doing this with IPRFAQs across the business at the moment- AMY and OZM should do something at the next steering committee.

Top Three Priorities

1 – Newsletter to be continued and include these minutes for greater visibility for all AMY members.

2 – Logo for Shared Vision – Need to complete a design for a AMY OZM Shared Logo by 1 September

3. How We Work Together Process Review

Shared Statement: GI, DB and IC to produce a statement that will be entered into the newsletter as an opening statement summarising the relationship going forward. This was included as an action and with SH to assist in the development of this with the above.

Any Other Items??

Retention and Support for AMY and other Indigenous workers: Generally acknowledged that this has been done well, only 1 of the 8 AMY Nominees on the ROM employed have moved on in a year. A lot of this success attributed to the support from MB and RT and CW in mentoring. Reiterated that it is very important to celebrate these success stories and give other members visibility to that.

Need to continue training and upskilling the workforce: Need to look ahead at AMY not just in entry level roles “ could the next GM be from Coober Pedy ? “

4. NTMA- Points for review
Top Three Successes

1 – Initial NTMA Review: SH and BR Reviewed the current NTMA and aligned where some improvement could potentially be made with respect to Employment and Training and Business Development

2 – Scholarship Trust Payments Completed: 100 K payment was made this year, which expired in 2018, though agreed upon by previous GM to support provided the scholarship trust funds were being distributed evenly and fairly. Will look to review scholarship trust progress at next trust committee meeting.

Top Three Threats

1 – Lack of Communication between OZM and AMY: SH mentioned that the NTMA did not have a strict guideline for a process such as this steer co. and as such, the communication in the past has not been excellent. There was a view to establish the steering committee process in an amendment to the NTMA

2 – Lack of Communication between OZM and internal contractors and staff: BR Indicated that some of the NTMA obligations may not be explicitly clear with staff and contractors at Prominent Hill and as such wanted there to be a forum to explain obligations and greater transparency in contractors in future.

Top Three Priorities

1 – Review of NTMA: SH mentioned that compensation toward the ALEPO position, while agreed upon in correspondence between OZM and AMY Legal Counsel in the past, is not enshrined in the NTMA and as such could be at risk.

Also a potential support payment towards the General Manager Position could be a short term payment option too. GI was supportive of a short term NTMA amendment to enshrine the ALEPO support payments as previously agreed, though the General Manager payment as it is not obligatory was not supported.

There were acknowledged to be two amendment streams to the NTMA- one as a short term to make simple amendments with the example of ALEPO payments and another to review the whole NTMA and that this would form a 5 year process.

Any Other Items??

Health Check 2020: The committee were all supportive of another Health Check meeting in 2020 to follow up on how things have progressed and where to improve.

4. NTMA- Points for review

CW displayed some data from mentoring and the types of concerns that have being raised during the COVID19 crisis and explained in detail the way that OZM have responded in regards to the Yarning Circle as well as protecting vulnerable people on site and restricting access to areas near or in remote communities

He also spoke in detail about how and why the Yarning Circle was set up and how this would progress in the week/months ahead to continue to support the Indigenous staff at Prominent Hill.

5. Business Development
Top Three Successes

1 – AMYES: The environmental services contract continued to meet its KPIs, with some real challenges this quarter been employee downtime. Also, trainee Duane Mannix was working really well so far. Action to identify some more backup staff as the downtime exposed AMYES with personnel constraints.

2 – Anangu Mining Contract: Official contract for labour on the ROM completed. With discussion of how lighting towers and other plant hire equipment can be incorporated.

3 – Anangu Mining Lighting Towers Dry Hire: The lighting towers have been ordered and will be placed on site in the next two months. GI acknowledged that Anangu Mining were following the actions from a recent safety incident The inclusion of hydraulic control box to all lighting towers, while an additional cost, it is an important engineering control.

Top Three Threats

1 – Economic viability: RG explained that the slim margins on the ROM made it challenging for AMY Nominees at the PH site. MB mentioned that the efforts with established Anangu Mining as a labour hire business was both a necessity with the state contractual law, but also another revenue stream to host employees at other sites at Prom Hill and as such was vital to AMY Nominees development. JC mentioned that the structure of the UG Mining contract could be advantageous to Anangu Mining to enter into some labour hire with that business along with transferring roles in truck operators etc from the ROM

2 – Anangu Mining: The establishment of the contract review process commencing on 6 August was acknowledged as a good measure to give greater visibility to the challenges that are facing Anangu Mining and where support may be needed to improve performance.

3 – AMYES Backup Staff: Need to identify future backup staff as currently no alternatives

Top Three Priorities

1 – UG Mining Contract: The initial 11 July meeting was positive. The firm dates in November for contractor selection were communicated to the committee. There was more work to be done between AMY consultants and commercial team to align a valuable opportunity to AMY Nominees

2 – Mine Tours Plan at PH: SH mentioned that support was provided at a manager’s meeting in July and that the plan was for late August, early September, for Wayne Borrett from Arid Areas Tours to host a trial run of a mining tour with Ian Crombie, in collaboration with All-Site Transport. SH mentioned to the committee that this trail run was for establishing a feel for the process and that the commercial considerations were yet to be sought. Other constraints include DoD closures and weather (hot months)

3 – Cultural Heritage Contractors: SH further requested that a short-term contract/ labour hire occur to improve the visibility of the cultural sites at PH (establish more and replacement boundary posts)

BR said that it will be present at 5 August meeting and that it would have to be a traditional man. It was resolved that AMY Noms would let SH know who was going to perform the work

Any Other Items??

Business Development Graphs: JC mentioned that the table of figures for money spent in each quarter were not as useful in isolation. DB mentioned that they did not make much sense to him and while it may be clear what it means for commercial team, would like a simpler display in future. JC agreed and making a trackable visual graph would improve this information.

General Business Development Opportunities: JC was looking externally and internally at business ventures and their development reviews and would take out concepts from these to present viable business proposal for AMY Nominees.


6. Employment and Training - Review
Top Three Successes

1 – Sam Chester and Timmy Walker– Long Term AMY/ Indigenous staff at PH. WF mentioned that they have both received a promotion to shift supervisor and relieving 2IC and supervisor respectively. WF mentioned that these promotions were purely on merit and that the evidence is clear that high level responsibilities can be awarded to Indigenous at PH.

2 – BAPL PEP: WF Mentioned that BAPL had updated recently that 4 Coober Pedy (3 Female, 1 Male) and 4 Port Augusta (4 Male) Indigenous staff had begun training, some of whom are already training on site. The feedback from their performance so far has been really good.

3 – CPAS Excursion – The trip on 13 August was been prepared to host students at various work sites for a visit and to motivate their career pathway. This would include many Indigenous as 60% Indigenous at Coober Pedy.

Top Three Threats

1 – Unsuitable Applicants/ Applicants not ready for roles: WF mentioned that work was been done with CEG with support to OZM and AMY with D&A screening, aptitude testing and work readiness/pre-employment programs- this would be tied in with the school engagement strategy.

Top Three Priorities

1 – School Engagement Strategy: Aug 12 WF and SH along with Deputy Principal and Pathways coordinator from Port Augusta Secondary School and CEO from Career Employment Group (CEG) to attend Coober Pedy Area School to discuss implementation of school engagement at Coober Pedy and then the Upper Spencer Gulf. Ian Crombie to attend from AMY and then AMY Nominees can join process once architecture is complete.

2 – Employment Strategy: WF explained that a system is been designed at Prom Hill that will align expectations and process of employment across the asset, likely with the assistance of CEG and with obligation to AMY- this will be determined shortly.

Any Other Items??

Employment information: SH explained that the employment percentages for Indigenous had gone up nearly 1% since last quarter. Also explained that the AMY members employed percentage would be put as a visual graph in future as this information was only just been captured internally recently so will need another quarter to track changes.

7. Culture and Heritage- review
Top Three Successes

1 – CH data on GIS: SH explained that this information was been gathered and established across the whole business in a lot of different applications. Also that this information was confidential to AMY and that there were opportunities to transfer knowledge to members for their own benefit.

Top Three Threats

1 – Mentoring at Site: SH mentioned that if Chris Warrior or Robert Taylor were not available for long period of time, there would be no dedicated mentor at the site. It was mentioned that while there are a lot of Indigenous workers providing support, that this did not mean they were mentors and providing the necessary follow ups etc. SH proposed that the system be reviewed, with the importance been emphasised for retention of the growing Indigenous workforces.

2 – CH Reporting: SH mentioned that this information has not been developed into a useful image or graph yet so would have to wait until next steering committee.

Top Three Priorities

1 – NAIDOC Activities: SH invited the activities originally determined to occur at NAIDOC week be supported to continue. It was proposed that a date after the funeral on August 16 should be sought.

2 – Art Committee for village improvement: SH mentioned that there were opportunities for further cultural imprints at the site in the future and as such an art committee be developed to help with the design proposals for board review. SH RT and EW to be involved in the art committee. This committee to be the same to work on shared logo design.

3 – Ngaanyatjarra visit to PH: SH mentioned that a visit to Prom Hill was scoped by the West Musgrave Team with the Ngaanyatjarra traditional owners so that they were aware of what a mine site looked like. DB and IC mentioned that a welcome to country and AMY involvement was necessary and supported. A date is likely to be set soon early Sep/late August.

Any Other Items??

Uluru Statement from the Heart- Being presented at board meeting on August 6

8. Any other business/actions
  • No other business was raised and all committee members were thanked for their attendance at the first TSC.
  • Group joined for a photograph
9. Partnering Management Committee (PMC) ACTION LIST
Shared Vision Logo

Tjunguringanyi to be designed into a logo to demonstrate shared vision
To be presented as a competition in the first TSC newsletter
Develop a dashboard to track progress for current NTMA commitments

A dashboard that demonstrates the adherence to the NTMA obligations to be displayed at next TSC
To be designed with discussion between Bill Ryan and Sam Hedditch
Group review of NTMA

Suggested review of the current NTMA with possibility of amendments to be made after review
Group to meet and review with respect to certain clauses and schedules

A short term and a longer five year plan to be determined.
SH to produce report with BR
Onboarding, employment and training process review

A consolidation of a plan to improve the current processes for onboarding and employment and training for AMY and other Indigenous staff has been proposed
Several discussions been held with various employment and training providers Reviews and feedback to be provided from recent onboarding processes
5 Year Plan for AMY and OZMPH
A forward thinking strategy to be developed
To set aside an hour at the end of the next TSC to outline shared goals in the next 5 years
All TSC members
Newsletter Development
More detail to this process to be included in next edition
Newsletter Statement
To be developed at the beginning of the newsletter as a high level relationship summary.
NTMA Review Report
To provide a report on the current NTMA and where improvement or alterations could be made
AMY Cultural Tours Trial Run
Determine guests for first cultural tour trial run,
Business Development Figures and Graphs
To produce meaningful graphs to track at meetings
Business Proposals
Work on existing business ventures and reviews to promote business proposal to AMY
Review of Mentoring Program
Determine future needs and look externally at other structures for review
Art Committee arrangement
To develop the cultural imprints at the mine site
SH,RT, EW (other AMY reps)
Uluru Statement From the Heart
For endorsement of AMYAC for OZM to publicly support
SH to receive feedback from AMYAC
School Engagement and Employment Strategy
For OZM to design with AMY support
WF to update

Next Meeting: 4 November 2019

Location: Port Augusta Standpipe or other

Time: 900-1400

Confirmed as a true and correct record of the meeting.

Sam Hedditch

TSC Member 

Dated: 20/08/2019


OZM to work with AMY to design a newsletter promoting the TSC process
To be designed in two weeks from steering committee
Additional AMY Noms Rep for Steer Co.

For balance the addition of another AMY Rep for Steer co was proposed.
AMY was to decide in time for next TSC meeting
Cultural Heritage and Mentoring Reports are to be produced in each TSC
Culture and Heritage
Uluru Statement of the Heart Support for OZM to endorse sought from both AMY boards
Culture and Heritage
Investigate progress of BOAB Michelle McAulley recruiting Indigenous youth,
Employment and Training
Mine tours plan

Initial scope completed; plan now to meet with Wayne Borrett and discuss terms of a test run,
Team to meet and consult with Coober Pedy
AMY Sub-Contract for Cultural Heritage Post Installation
Request for information to be delivered
List of AMY Members and affiliates seeking employment

To be developed and in detail to assist with quick onboarding potential.
Employment and Training

To be worked together with future employment strategy at Prom Hill