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AMY Nominees

What is AMY Nominees? Who is working for AMY Nominees?

AMYES /Anangu Mining

What is happening in these AMY Nominees businesses? Job Opportunities?

OZ Minerals/ AMY People

Relationship ’Health Check’ Workshop

OZ Minerals/ AMY People

Tjunguringanyi Steering Committee

Wai Nyuntu Palya?

Meet some of the new AMY Nominees staff, OZM AMY LOGO DESIGN, Indigenous Mentoring


Newsletter Vol 1. | June | 2019

Figure 1: AMY People, Consultants and OZ Minerals Staff who participated in the ‘Health Check’ workshop at Prominent Hill 4-6 March L-R: Jonathon Fatt-Clifton, Steve Tsakiridis, Sam Hedditch, Chris Warrior, Geoff Deans, Leighton Randell, Michael Wood, Rob Gibb, Jane Khan, Kerrina Chadwick, Tammy Warren, Tim Wooley, Fiona Blakely, Kym Chamberlain, Anthony Russell, David Brown, Maureen Williams, Andrew Cole, Ian Crombie, Maisie Winton, Julie O’Toole, Gabrielle Iwanow, William Lennon, Mark Bradley, Wayne Fong Robert Taylor (Crilly).


AMY Nominees Pty. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary and shareholder of AMYAC. It acts as the business and economic entity of AMYAC. Its goal is to build an economic future for AMYAC members. Along with the appointed board members and business consultants, AMY Nominees has a team dedicated to achieving these goals. Let’s meet the team!

General Manager- Bill Ryan

Bill brings extensive experience and expertise to his new role, having recently completed three years working as General Manager for the Kokatha Aboriginal Corporation in Port Augusta. Bill has been working closely with the OZ Minerals Carrapateena project, so he is no ‘newcomer’ to mining stakeholders. Bill also brings with him valuable land management experience, holding several prior roles in senior management of several National Parks in SA and the NT.

Human Resources and Operations Manager Mark Bradley

Mark Bradley commenced July 2018. Mark’s background has been in blue collar recruitment and Human Resources, spending many years in the resources industry. Mark has also spent two years in Roxby Downs, relocating his young family there to manage an electrical contract on the Olympic Dam site. Mark’s role will oversee the employment and operational side of AMY Nominees, from recruitment and training to supporting employees with any day to day requirements.

Robert Taylor (Crilly)- ALEPO – Aboriginal Liaison Employment and Projects Officer.

Robert has a variety of tasks to do, from identifying those currently interested in employment, support for those that are currently working for AMY Nominees entities and anything in between to assist AMY Nominees grow in stature moving forward. Robert has a work history encompassing plant operation, community development and previous experience as a liaison officer within his community. Robert is very proud of his heritage and Aboriginal culture and keen to see the development of the younger generation incorporating successful working lives, with healthy and strong ties to culture and family.

“Looking forward, AMYES will look to start two new AMYES trainees on a 12- month contract”


AMYES deliver services to OZ Minerals at Prominent Hill managing all the waste and recycling for the entire site 365 days per year! Everything from emptying bins around the camp, to sorting bottles and cans, bailing up tonnes of waste cardboard and wood packaging steel offcuts and organic waste materials.

In 2019, the AMYES team have invested in a new Loader (see below) allowing for a backup option for the team. At the beginning of 2019, the AMYES team have also been successful in renewing their contract with OZ Minerals for the next two years, again testimony to their hard work, dedication and commitment to the site.

“the awarding of the contract to AMY Nominees is a demonstration of OZ Minerals’ commitment to securing a sustainable future for AMY people”

Anangu Mining

Anangu Mining began as a collaboration with Thiess and OZ Minerals creating employment opportunities for AMY members for the life of mine. Skills developed in this contract will be transferrable to future resource opportunities.

Figure 2: Indigenous workers at Anangu Mining L-R: Chris Dodd, Jason Cox, Matthew Tape, Jeremy Williams, Tim Amos and John Waye

The Run of Mine or “ROM” transports ore from underground and from existing stockpiles. The ore is then delivered to a plant where it is crushed to a powder that can be processed. The copper and gold is then extracted for export to other countries. Various operator roles are engaged in the ROM including haul truck (see below) loader, water truck, grader, excavator and bulldozer. The ROM contract is critical to the successful operation of Prominent Hill. The awarding of the contract to AMY Nominees is a demonstration of OZ Minerals’ commitment to the partnership and a sustainable future for AMY people.

OZ Minerals / AMY People – Relationship ‘Health Check’ Workshop

On 4-6 March 2019, representatives of both AMY boards (AMYAC and AMY Nominees) met with leaders from OZ Minerals (see front) for a ‘Health Check’- an opportunity to discuss the relationship over the past ten years and how it should look in the future for both organisations. OZ Minerals hosted the event at Prominent Hill. All board members were welcome to attend the workshop. From OZ Minerals the CEO – Andrew Cole, the new General Manager, Gabrielle Iwanow (see below) and members of the corporate team and site managers attended.

Figure 3: General Manager at Prominent Hill, Gabrielle Iwanow presents her thoughts on ‘shared value’.

There was plenty of opportunity for people to get to know each other, with some fun activities to spark some yarns. People also split up into smaller groups and discussed important aspects of the Native Title Mining Agreement. It was great to see that after a short space of time, OZ Minerals and AMY people were sitting next to each other and really sharing openly.

Figure 4: New board member Anthony Russell introducing OZ Minerals member to the workshop group

Members were invited to view areas throughout the Prominent Hill Mining Operation, including the open pit and the ROM Pad, where the Anangu Mining truck operators were viewed delivering their ore to stockpiles. There was an opportunity to discuss the operation with the Thiess Project Manager and have a technical explanation for the status of the open pit by the Chief Geotechnical Engineer at Prominent Hill.

Figure 5 (and below right): Chief Geotechnical Engineer David Goodchild explaining the status of the open pit to AMY Members and consultants
Figure 6: Top/bottom: Thiess Project Manager Jason Paxton explains how the Anangu Mining workers travel out of the pit with AMYAC Chair David Brown

“There was a commitment to being transparent and honest with each other and following up with ‘real actions’.

There was a commitment to being transparent and honest with each other and following up with ‘real actions’. There was so much development in a short space of time. OZ Minerals and AMY people evaluated the relationship since the beginning with all its ups and downs, committed to a shared vision statement and a regular committee to discuss important parts of the mining agreement and take action!

OZ Minerals / AMY People Tjunguringanyi Steering Committee

On 2 May OZ Minerals representatives and AMY representatives sat for the Inaugural “Tjunguringanyi” steering committee. “Tjunguringanyi” or “Working together” steering committee is an expression of a ‘shared value, mutual obligation’ approach between OZ Minerals and AMY People summarised by the shared vision and values listed below.

Shared Vision: We commit to honour our arrangement and move forward together by: practicing cultural understanding and safety, building trust, having fair and quality relationships, respecting each other, being transparent, being ambassadors for each other, communicating openly, holding each other to account, understanding each other, ensuring mutual obligation, treating each other as equals, respecting country.

Shared Values:

  • Listening to each other – ‘Kulini’
  • Reciprocity – ‘Ngarpartji Ngarpartji’
  • Sustainability – ‘Kunpun’ (Strong)
Figure 7 Tjunguringanyi Committee Members L-R: Ian Crombie, Sam Hedditch, Rob Gibb, David Kirkland, Mark Bradley, Wayne Fong, Bill Ryan, Gabrielle Iwanow, David Brown, Kerrina Chadwick, Anthony Russell, Tammy Warren, Chris Warrior, Jane Khan, Robert Taylor and Geoff Deans

The Committee is dedicated to acting on the following parts of the OZ Minerals and AMY relationship:

How We Work Together: This is to ensure that the relationship remains strong between OZ Minerals and AMY

NTMA: This is to ensure that the rules and obligations of the mining agreement are being met.

Business Development: To review the AMY Nominees businesses at Prominent Hill and to discuss potential opportunities to develop new business arrangements.

Employment and Training: To review numbers of AMY people employed at Prom Hill, discuss employment and training opportunities and discuss ways to improve working life for Indigenous people at Prom Hill

Culture and Heritage: Review Indigenous mentoring, cultural heritage inspections and broader Indigenous matters.

There will be a lot of information in the next newsletter for how this committee is delivering for both OZ and AMY! Thank you to all who contributed to this exciting new direction in the relationship between OZ and AMY people!


“Prominent Hill is the best site I have worked at because the people are so friendly” – Jeremy Williams

“I have a great team who work beside me and are extremely supportive, whenever I am stuck or unsure about something they always stop what they are doing to help me.” – Evanna Williams

“I like the people at Prominent Hill and the Sticky Date Pudding!” – Keonie Walker

OZ Minerals / AMY People Tjunguringanyi Steering Committee

Jeremy Williams- Anangu Mining

Despite his young age, Jeremy has built a solid resume of Landscaping, Scaffolding, working on a solar farm and around 7 years at Olympic Dam. Jeremy has always wanted to operate machinery and jumped at the chance of joining the ROM crew. Jeremy has built a strong reputation quickly with the crew as solid operator with a great sense of humour.

OZ Minerals / AMY People Tjunguringanyi Steering Committee

Evanna Williams- Anangu Mining Engineering

Evanna has begun work as an administrator Procurement and Expending Officer at Prominent Hill. Evanna is on a one-year contract with Anangu Mining which is set up as an extended work placement which will give her the experience to potentially find some full-time work with OZ Minerals at Prominent Hill in the future.

Keonie Bailes-Walker- Anangu Mining

Engineering Keonie has begun a one-year contract with Anangu Mining in the Engineering Team. Keonie is working in several tasks, including forklift operation in the warehouse and maintenance of key items throughout the engineering facilities. He is getting lots of experience to provide him the confidence to decide on a future career or trade at Prominent Hill

For Employment Opportunities and to discuss training contact
Mark Bradley
0407 448 807 or

Expression of Interest
LOGO Competition !!!

We would like to design a new combined Logo for the Tjunguringanyi Steering Committee between OZ Minerals and AMY people The Logo will signify a strength and symbolise these key shared values between OZ Minerals and AMY.

Tjunguringanyi- “Working Together” Listening to each other “Kulini” Reciprocity “Ngarpartji Ngarpartji” Sustainability “Kunpun”

The images will be brought together into a shortlist and voted on by the steering committee to be designed with Crossroad Concepts in Port Augusta! We want to see the best artists showing their skills! Entries close 14 July Entries can be emailed or texted to Sam Hedditch at: or 0498 041 841